Tattoo info / FAQ


My name is Alyssa (she/her)

I have been tattooing for 11 years

I am located in Salmon Arm, BC, Canada at Pinz Tattoo Studio, which is a beautiful artist collective tucked away in the heart of downtown SA amidst the lakes and mountains

I typically tattoo Tuesday-Friday 11-5

I manage all my own bookkeeping, so please contact me directly through email only.



I open my books quarterly, and book three months at a time. 
Please check the homepage for updated booking dates. This helps me stay organized and keep my limited artistic energy focused on the clients and tattoos at hand.

I typically don’t take on new projects until the books open date. However, If you are already a client of mine and you want more work/more sessions/touch ups, please email me anytime regardless of booking dates. I will likely find you an opening in my schedule or book you ahead of book openings.

If you’re looking to get something small, feel free to try and email me anytime. I like to fit smaller appointments in my schedule when I’m able! Same goes for pre-drawn designs: if I post a a design you like, email anytime to claim!


•General tattoo rate for custom work is $200/hr+gst

•Minimum charge is $200+gst

•Large scale colour work is generally $180/hr+gst (sleeves, etc)

•Available designs (posted by me, where I am given total creative freedom) get a special discount rate of $160/hr 

•Matching tattoo sessions are flat rate $200+gst/person for tattoos less than one hour, hourly charge upwards of an hour

•Finger/wedding tattoos are flat rate $250+gst

Each of these includes one touch-up session 3-6 months after the initial appointment


A deposit is required for every appointment upon booking. The deposit is typically $100+gst, which is deducted from the final price of the tattoo. Deposits are always non-refundable, but can be used to reschedule an appointment as long as 48 hours notice is given.



Frequently Asked Questions


Will I see my custom artwork before my appointment?

Sometimes, but please be aware that I can't guarantee you'll see it before the day of your appointment in person.

This is for a multitude of reasons and fairly standard in the tattoo industry.

If you're a bit particular, or feeling nervous about the design outcome, please ensure you book a consultation about a week before the appointment to make sure we can meet and talk in person about the design. This will eliminate any confusion or misinterpretation of your specific requests and make it way easier to make sure we hit the mark.

I always book appointments to allow time to make tweaks and changes as we both see fit. I know it can be nerve-wracking to ask for these changes, but please know I am more than happy to work with you to get what you want if the initial design isn't what you were hoping! Asking for changes to a design you are going to wear forever in not offensive to me.

If the design has to be majorly altered, or redrawn, we may be required to reschedule the appointment. Honestly, this happens very rarely.


I always appreciate when a client can put some thought and attention into their email inquiries! The more details I can get from your very first initial email, the quicker the booking process can be for you. This is like our first consultation, so being thorough is good!


It is helpful if you include:

-your name/age/pronouns if you wish 

-your tattoo idea in detail (no need to include deep explanations of meanings behind the images at this time, unless it is relevant to the aesthetic of the design.)

-size of the tattoo, measurements can be helpful

-placement of the tattoo, photos can be helpful especially if you have other tattoos in the area

-whether you prefer black and grey or colour or just linework

-any photo references to help convey your vision

-your home city/whether you will be traveling

-your budget/how long you can sit in a session

-is this your first tattoo? have you sat long sessions before? what are your anxieties about being tattooed? Do you require anything to make the tattoo shop more accessible to you? Any questions for me?



Your appointment is coming up, so exciting! Here's the basics:

-Try to be in good health. Sleep well the night before, eat something substantial within 1-2 hours of your appointment. Starting the day with a full stomach and decent blood sugar level will be helpful!

-Please arrive clean/showered. No need to pre-shave the area getting tattooed.

(In fact, if it's not an area you are used to shaving, please don't! Starting a tattoo session with razorburn and cuts is not ideal for either of us.)

-Wear something that leaves the are to be tattooed completely accessible. If you're not sure what to wear, just email me ahead of the appointment.

-I encourage clients to bring quick snacks and drink/water to the session. Keeping up blood sugar levels can be helpful!

-Feel free to bring an exra sweater, small pillow or comfort item, etc to your appointment as well. Dressing in layers is smart. Bodies temperatures tend to fluctuate during the tattoo process, as well as our shop temperature due to being in an older building.

Pinz Tattoo Studio is located at 91 Hudson Ave, in the heart of downtown Salmon Arm. 

2Hr street parking is readily available around the shop

$1/hr paid parking lot located behind the building at the Inner core parking lot

I always keep an eye on my inbox in the mornings before appointments, so please email if you have any questions or are running late!